Everything We Need To Know About The American Bulldog

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    Everything we need to know about the American Bulldog

    The American Bulldog is a crossbreed from the Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier. This dogs are resilient, powerful, devoted and protective of their family.The Bully as they are mainly called come in for sizes : pocket, standard classic , standard extreme and XL size.The Bullies were mainly bred as family companions, however many dog owners have used them due to their strength in fighting betting sport, which had led to bad reputation for the breed.These dogs are used nowadays as farm dogs or show dogs. It’s essential that the first time owners learn about the breed specifics before committing to have one. Bullies just like their cousins need early age socialisation and love in order to received a loyal and devoted companion for life.The owner must ensure that their dog get the right food with low of protein in order to maintain healthy and happy and with good care the Bully can leave up to 13 years of age.

    American Bulldog in Chelsea , London

    American Bulldog in Toronto, Canada

    Bulldog in Manchester, United Kingdom

    Bulldog in Melbourne, Australia

    American bulldog in New York, USA

    American Bulldog in Chicago, USA

    American Bully relaxing near San Diego, USA

    American Bully in San Francisco, USA

    American Bulldog enjoys day out In Liverpool, United Kingdom

    American Bully in Vancouver, Canada

    American Bully in Sydney, Australia

    American Bulldog relaxing in the park near Texas, USA

    American Bulldog in a chilled mood near California, USA

    American bulldog in Ipswich town, United Kingdom

    American bully dog in Coventry City, United Kingdom

    Bulldog American in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Bully American dog in Chiswick, London

    Bully dog posing in Marlow , Oxfordshire

    American bulldog out in Leicester, Leicestershire

    American Bully in Oxford, United Kingdom

    American Bully in Ipswich town , United Kingdom

    American bulldog in Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    American bulldog for a walk in Reading, Berkshire

    American XXL Bulldog and a puppy for a walk in London, United Kingdom

    American Bulldog puppy on the lead in a park, England

    Two American XL Bully puppies out in the park , United Kingdom

    Bully puppies in the park for a walk , England

    XL American Bullies are on a walk in the park, Surrey

    XL American Bulldog with blue eyes , London

    Two young XL American Bulldogs relaxing , England

    American Bulldog in the water , England

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