Everything we need to know about the English Springer Spaniel

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    Everything we need to know about the English Springer Spaniel dog

    The English Springer Spaniel is a spaniel-type gun-dog that originated in England.
    These dogs a energetic, intelligent and playful by nature, which make them suitable for a family of any size including with children.
    The Springer Spaniel ideal lifestyle is an owner who loves the outdoor activities on land or water, because they are a scent dogs they will be proactive when they are near forest or lakes.These dogs love to be by the side of humans and always eager to please and because of their relentless nature will be also good that they get enough daily walks.The Springer Spaniel doesn’t like to be closed indoors for long periods of time, because any small place will make them destructive and they can become stubborn and less engaging and for that reason is best to have an outdoor closed yard where they can play and wonder free. The English Springer Spaniel is a gun dog. They love to be near the water, where originally these dogs were used in retrieving game. Splash in the water is a nature for the English Springer Spaniels and maybe one of the reason why these dogs are consistently in the Top 3 UK most registered dog breeds. Considered to be one of the oldest breeds that are still around. The English Springer Spaniel is believed to be introduced by the Roman legions, during the invasion of the island by Julius Caesar.Most English Springer Spaniels like to be active and very few could turn into “couch potatoes” if they haven’t been properly socialised as puppies.These dogs love their owner to madness. They love comfort and sometimes even some tend to become a “sack of potatoes” on the couch, of course it is not good to let them lie down much.

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