Everything We Need To Know About The Long Haired Weimaraner

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    Long Haired Weimaraner scratches ears, Surrey

    The Long Haired Weimaraner or Long Coated Weims are no different to the standard short-haired Weimaraner. Developed in Germany back in 1800s it’s difficult to tell the origin of the breed as there are not fully kept records of his development.
    These dogs are passionate about life and love to be involved in lots of outdoor activities. Created to hunt large game, the Weim is considered to be amongst the top-smart dogs in the world. This dogs are runners and hence why it’s good to be able to provide them with time and space to burn their energy levels or else they become destructive and disobedient.
    Loving and devoted the Weimaraner dogs make excellent pet member and are known to get too attached to their families, which often isn’t the best outcome for them, as they intend to develop separation anxiety.
    The Long Haired Weimaraner was formally recognised by the AKC where as The Kennel Club had recognised the breed in the early 50s as a gundog.
    Nowadays the Weimaraner enjoys popularity amongst dog lovers due to his exotic looks. Unmistakably these dogs come in different shades of blue , mouse-blue and grey-blue coat. The eyes are often soft-grey and friendly and hence why makes him easily approachable by everyone including young children.
    The Weims are prone to suffer at young age even with Hip Dysplasia and it’s essentially important for the owners to approach with care the upbringing of a young pup into an adult dog. The Weimaraner dog can live between 10-13 years and with well balanced life even longer.
    Ideal owner would be someone who loves daily outdoor activities and loves the company of a fur buddy.

    The lovely blue eyes of the long haired haired Weimaraner in London, England

    Puppy Long Haired Weimaraner in Chelsea,London

    Curious Long haired Weimaraner puppy is sniffing me,Westminster

    Vibrant young age Long Haired Weimaraner enjoying a day out, Manchester

    Weimaraner long Haired at Virginia Water Lake, Surrey

    Long Haired Weimaraner scratching off fleas, Surrey

    Looking at a long haired Weimaraner from above, London

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